2020-07-13 15:43:00

After the Covid-19 pandemic brought a halt to the outpatient departments (OPD) services to a halt, the department has opened again after a gap of over three months at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

And with most of the patients at home with Covid-19 cases increasing in India almost every day, Doctors at AIIMS have come up a real time telemedicine dashboard to treat OPDs.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, with this real time dashboard patients will be able to consult doctors and will be able to get e-prescriptions, while doctors will be able to access patients’ test reports and conduct on-line classes.

Through this new registration system a username and a password will be generated along with a link that would allow patients to consult with the doctors. An option of audio consultation is also there. Unless a doctor asks specifically there won’t be any walk-in facility for the patients.

“We have an in-house team of computer programmers that worked tirelessly to develop this dashboard to suit the needs of tele-consultaion services that AIIMS is providing to its patients. The online registration system at the hospital is also integrated with this dashboard so all doctors can see their complete list of appointments for the day,” said Dr A Shariff, professor anatomy, chairman, telemedicine facility, AIIMS.

“The patients can use the username and password to log in. The doctor then becomes the host for the tele-consultation. Doctors can use either a mobile phone or a desk to access the dashboard,” he added.

Any prescriptions generated will be sent as text message to patients’ phone as a text message.

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