2020-06-25 11:43:00
petrol pump

A large number of businesses are restructuring its work models to avoid direct contact between customers and employees in their daily activities. One such example is a petrol pump in Pune which has launched ‘Atmanirbhar campaign’ to incorporate social distancing measures to ensure safety of its customers and employees.

How the Atmanirbhar petrol pump works

  • The customers will be asked to sanitise their hands at first.
  • Enter value of fuel to be filled, in numericals. Pump staff at safe distance acts as guide.
  • Take nozzle, check zero on meter, lift lever on nozzle, then there is a lock under the lever which needs to pressed which allows fuel to flow.
  • Flow stops automatically at the amount to be filled.
  • Take out nozzle, place back on machine press button marked ‘volume’

• 5 minutes per customer

• Machine takes cash cash, card, and digital payment available with pump staff.

• Minimum of 30 to maximum of 400 for two-wheelers

How is it going

“This idea was floated by the company to maintain social distance between customer and salesperson, and also to lessen the disputes that often rise while filling fuel. This concept is catching on well, and we are dispensing 800- 900 litres per day of petrol, and 500 -600 litres per day of diesel through the vending machines,” told Sanket Varude, manager of the pump to HT.

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