2020-05-21 00:25:00
Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday issued notice to Centre on a plea seeking setting up an effective mechanism for visually impaired and specially-abled students so that educational instructions can be transmitted to them properly and teaching material can be provided to them just as it has been provided to others, through online mode of teaching during the covid-19 pandemic.

“it is the core of an effective Government that the Right to Life with dignity and Right to Education, as enshrined under Article 21 and Article 21-A respectively is protected for students both in private and government educational institutions, the Constitution of India, is sacrosanct and the said right should not be made to wither away.” The plea reads.

“…failure on part of the State to provide an adequate and effective mechanism for the well-being of students further worsen the situation and thereby causes an imbalance in the society. The present lack of policy perpetuates discrimination by creating a difference in opportunity amongst specially abled (including auditory and visually impaired) and their peers.” It added.

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