2020-07-15 16:37:00

All hospitals in Karnataka registered under Karnataka private medical establishment (KPME) will have to display the details of beds at the facility for the Covid-19 patients according to an order issue by the state government.

All these details will be shown at a display screen at the reception of the facility.

According to the order, patients are finding it difficult to find beds eve after the central allocation is made by BBMP and that is causing hardship for the patients. Therefore a display screen should be displayed at the reception that displays information on the beds for covid patients.

The following details will be displayed at the screen at the reception.

  • Total number of beds
  • Total number of beds as per KPME registration
  • Total number of beds allocated for covid-19 patients referred by BBMP (minimum 50% beds)

The beds have been listed as five different types, they are;

  • Isolation beds (General ward)
  • ICU beds
  • ICU beds with ventilators
  • Beds with High flow oxygen (HDU)
  • Beds with regular flow oxygen

How many beds are reserved, occupied and available will also have to be displayed.

Display board should be made available by Thursday and non compliance will attract punishment under relevant sections of Disaster management Act and IPC.

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