2020-07-06 16:56:00

People travelling to Punjab from other states will have to compulsorily register themselves on the state government’s web portal or ‘COVA Punjab’ mobile application from Monday midnight, an official statement said.

Besides, the travellers will have to undergo 14-day home quarantine.

“The process of e-registration for all travellers to the state has been made mandatory from midnight today. Travellers can self-register online from the comfort of their homes, as per the guidelines issued by the government, and ensure hassle-free travel for themselves,” a government statement said here on Monday.

The state government has advised people entering or transiting through Punjab to self-register either through COVA Punjab application or a weblink before embarking on the journey, it said.

The objective of e-registration is to avoid any inconvenience to the travellers due to crowding and long queues at the border checkpoints, the statement said.

Notably, on July 3, the state government had issued an advisory for people entering Punjab by road, rail or air to get themselves registered.

“People should take printouts of the registration and paste the same on windscreens or place them on the dashboard,” the statement said, adding that at the border checkpoints, staff will scan the QR code on the printouts.

This will be followed by basic medical screening, it said.

In case a passenger exhibits coronavirus symptoms, the health staff at the border checkpoint will assist and guide the passenger(s).

“Passengers (those who are asymptomatic) entering the state and not merely transiting it, after successfully crossing the check-point, will have to undergo self-quarantine at their homes for 14 days,” it said.

During quarantine, they will be required to report their medical status daily either by calling 112 or through the COVA Punjab app, the statement added.

The COVA Punjab (Corona Virus Alert) application has been developed by the state government to provide people with preventive care information and other advisories regarding coronavirus.

In case of symptomatic passengers, appropriate instructions will be given at the check-point, the statement said.

All relevant details about the visitors/residents coming into Punjab would be shared with health authorities and police stations concerned through a real-time alert system.

“The police stations concerned would keep a regular check, both through physical and technical means (geo-fencing), on the incoming visitors at their given addresses for their protection and the health and safety of the people of Punjab,” it added.

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