2020-07-16 08:52:00

The defence ministry has decided to allow invalid pension to armed forces personnel with less than 10 years of qualifying service. Invalid pension is meant for those invalided out of service on account of disability which is accepted as Neither Attributable to Nor aggravated (NANA) by military service.

“The proposal has been approved by Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh. Benefit of this decision will be available to those Armed Forces Personnel who were in service on or after 04.01.2019,” the ministry said in a statement.

So far, if the service rendered was less than 10 years at the time of invaliding, only invalid gratuity was paid to the personnel. The minimum period of qualifying service actually rendered and required for invalid pension was 10 years or more.

“By this decision, Armed Forces Personnel whose service is less than ten years and became/become invalided out of service on account of any bodily or mental infirmity which is Neither Attributable to Nor Aggravated (NANA) by Military service and which permanently incapacitated/incapacitates them from military service as well as civil re-employment, will be benefited and it will make them economically sound,” the defence ministry said.

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