2020-07-15 14:45:00
Skill Mapping

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday stressed on the need to map global skilled manpower in different sectors and align the country’s standards with those of other nations to help Indians tap work opportunities worldwide.

Citing the merchant navy and the need for experts sailors across the world, PM Modi said skill mapping can convey the extent of demand and given a coastline of over 7,500 kms, “India can provide lakhs of sailors” to different countries and also boost its coastal economy.

“Skill mapping will make things easier,” Modi said.

He added that the Union government last week launched a digital platform for skill mapping, including those of migrant workers to help match those seeking employment to jobs available.

The prime minister was speaking at a virtual event to commemorate the World Skills Day and fifth anniversary of the Skill India Mission.

He said in a rapidly changing business environment and market conditions, more so due to covid-19, Indian youths must focus on skilling and reskilling themselves. Modi reiterated that India’s skills mission has trained over 50 million people in the last five years with the help of states and authorities.

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