2020-06-27 09:14:00

The India-China tussle at the Ladakh borders is taking a economic turn. The crescendo to reject Chinese products is growing and even reaching far-flung villages. A village in Pune district, Kondhve-Dhavade, has passed a resolution to ban sale and purchase of Chinese products in the village from July 1.

The resolution was passed by the members of Gram panchayat in their annual meeting earlier.

It was further decided that no shop owner would sell the Chinese products and the same applies to villagers while purchasing it. The gram panchayat officials have released a circular for the same which is being distributed among shop owners across the village.

Nitin Dhvade, sarpanch of Kondhve-Dhavade village told ANI, “This decision was taken during the monthly meeting. We are also informing the contractors of Gram Panchayat about the same and these things will be mentioned in the agreement.”

“We will also inform the people and shops here to ban the sale and purchase of Chinese products. We will install banners and posters for the same,” he added.

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