2020-06-25 17:12:00

It has been a pretty miserable time in India which covid-19 cases spiking every single day, as per the latest bulletin there have been a total of 4,73, 105 cases in India with nearly 17,000 of those coming in the last 24 hours.

However, on the positive side, if something can be considered positive in this pandemic the recovery rate in India has been a bright spark.

Some states have done really well in limiting the spread and some have done well to cure the patients in their health facilities.

In terms of numbers, just numbers, Meghalaya has the highest recovery rate with more than 90% of the patients in the state recovering from the virus but the north eastern state has had just 46 cases.

For all intent and purposes we are considering states that have numbers either over 10,000 or close to the five figure mark.

Rajasthan with 12,611 recoveries out of 16,009 cases is at the top of the chart and has a percentage of 78.77%. Not too far behind is Madhya Pradesh which has a recovery rate of 76.1% with a total of nearly 12,500 cases. Honorable mentions to Gujarat and Bihar who have recovery rates of 72.86% and 74.47% with cases in Bihar at 8,209 while those in Gujarat are near 30,000

The big worries for India have been the states of Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu which are the highest when it comes to the total number of cases. All three states have a recovery rate which is in the mid fifties or slightly higher. Delhi is at 58.87%, Maharashtra at 51.64% while Tamil Nadu is at 55.97%

On the lower end of the scale are Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with recovery percentage of 41.76% and 46.26% respectively.

Kerala, which has been lauded for their efforts in stopping the spread of the virus has a percentage of just over 50 at 52.4%

Others to have done well include Odisha, Punjab and Jharkhand, but these states have had relatively fewer cases.

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